Creating Chances

Mears works in some of the most marginalised communities in the UK. We recognise that we have the opportunity to make a positive difference by creating chances for learning and career development, providing individuals in those communities with entry routes into employment.

              Employee Director, Amanda Hillerby:

 “Employees are a key stakeholder in any business and Mears prides itself on valuing its employees – its greatest asset. I am proud to be able to represent and promote the Mears culture in the business. One of the reasons I decided to join Mears is because of its social value and community work. ”

Supporting Apprenticeships

Mears has long provided apprenticeships. More recently, we have expanded our opportunities from traditional trade apprenticeships, to a range of apprenticeship routes across the business. Our specialist Land Referencing, GIS and Data Management part of the business, TerraQuest, was recognized this year for its special commitment to train and support young unemployed people, reaching the finals of the Government Opportunities (GO) Excellence in Public Procurement Awards for Northern Ireland.

As part of our service to Northern Ireland Land and Property Services, we, along with our partner BT, were required to provide 52 hours of paid work for New Entrant Trainees in the form of apprenticeships, traineeships or employment contracts. By the beginning of the year, we had already exceeded this target providing 236 person-weeks of employment. We also provided business in education activities within the Belfast area including work placements and skills workshops for young people and curriculum support for primary school teachers on computational thinking.