Fair for All

At Mears we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture that reflects the communities which we serve; one that attracts and retains best talent and enables our colleagues to thrive. It’s about the bigger picture of creating environments that are diverse and inclusive.

At Mears we have built and inclusive and diverse culture by:

  • Enabling our colleagues to have a bigger voice – listening to and acting on feedback
  • Having greater diversity in middle and senior levels, including the Board
  • Holding better diversity and inclusion information about all of our colleagues, so we can manage everyone as individuals
  • Creating an environment which organically increases the representation of women and BAME people at all levels:
    • Women in trades
    • Men in Care
    • People with disabilities
    • Diversity among apprenticeships
  • Addressing the impact of an ageing workforce while also respecting the benefits that older employees give to the business.