Healthy Planet

Mears’ Approach to positively impact Supply Chain Environmental Value

Mears is responsible for the maintenance of 15% of all social housing in the UK – more than 700,000 homes. We visit more than 30,000 people several times a week to deliver care and support in their homes. We recognise we have a big responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of our activities. For an organisation of our size, even small changes can deliver big impacts.

At Mears, we believe we are more effective in delivering social value where we can share resources, skills, experience and financial support with our supply partners. To ensure a consistent approach throughout our supply chain, we expect our suppliers to have or adopt similar business principles to our own.

Our suppliers are required to acknowledge the significance of social, environmental and ethical matters in their conduct and must have a commitment to working towards improving quality standards and performance in these areas. Above all, we expect suppliers to be able to demonstrate compliance with all the UK, EU and international legislation that apply to business operations from Modern Slavery, AntiBribery and Health, Safety & Wellbeing laws to product specific regulations.