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At Mears we strive to provide the best services to all our customers, at every point of contact. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing and placing customers at the heart of everything we do.  Our culture centres on working together and creating a positive impact in the communities we serve.

We fully understand the difference an exceptional customer experience can make to our business and we are committed to continually developing our service.  Our approach is supported by; award winning training, best practice systems and processes, engagement and involvement and undertaking external accreditations to benchmark us against the best in the country.

Through our training we create service professionals - proud and empowered colleagues delivering a leading and trusted customer experience, shaped around feedback. We focus on delivering against customers emotional and practical needs.

Our Awards & Accreditations

Mears Awards & AccreditationsMears Customer Charter

The Mears Customer Charter defines a set of promises.  It protects our business and informs colleagues of the company's expectations of them, whilst providing reassurance to our customers of the desire we have to deliver exceptional service every time.

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Your Voice

Mears Your Voice
Your voice diagram

Customer engagement is part of our DNA - we work hard to ensure our customers can be heard and use their feedback to continually develop our service.

Your Voice is part of our Customer Involvement Strategy and aims to drive action from insight and advance service standards for Mears customers (whoever they are, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances), through customer-led scrutiny, challenge and support of Mears’ improvement plans and performance in these areas.

Your Voice sets the highest standards of customer involvement and engagement across the Group, leading the way nationally and delivering real benefits to all our customer groups – clients, colleagues, customers and local communities

The learning from the Scrutiny Panel and associated groups also promotes best practice and shared learning across the Group through insights, challenges and innovation. 

Your Voice is made up of three component parts: CFPS logo

Mears Customer Scrutiny Board –An independently chaired panel of customer representatives working alongside the PLC Board and providing oversight, challenge and support to Mears. It will be supported and its independence assured by the Centre for Public Scrutiny.  

Mears Customer Champions Forum– Made up of our own Branch based customer engagement (or equivalent) leads plus other key stakeholders such as client scrutiny board chairs, resident association leads, community activists. This forum will create a link between the Scrutiny Board and our local involvement groups and scrutiny structures. 

Mears Online Customer Network -  A virtual network of residents from around the country, who opt into providing feedback on our services - provide insight into what’s important and what’s not - offer opinion and suggestions - validate and endorse our thinking/new initiatives.

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