Capital & Public Works

Going public

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Capital works
  • Energy investment solutions
  • Regeneration

Mears offers a holistic approach for public buildings that includes a range of solutions. Our wealth of experience covers schools, swimming pools, leisure centres, libraries and hospitals. We work with our clients to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum, such as requesting our public buildings teams to work out of hours or during low peak times.

With an industry-leading Health and Safety record, you can rest easy in the knowledge that public safety is our highest priority.


Regeneration isn’t simply about building new homes where they’re needed and then removing the old, worn-out ones. There’s much more to it.

Regeneration is about making positive and long-lasting changes that will improve the lives of tenants and their families, which can mean minor updates, major renovations, or complete rebuilds. It also means investing in the well-being of communities by providing employment and training opportunities in neighbourhoods.

Bricks and mortar are just the beginning.