Zero Carbon Homes: Retrofitting

Improving lives with sustainable carbon zero housing.

Our social housing renovation and retrofit program helps future-proof your housing portfolio to comply with government legislation, creating sustainable homes and improving tenant lives.

44% of social housing is believed to have an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of C or below. The government’s clean growth strategy aims to improve this, with a target of social homes reaching an EPC rating of C or above by 2030.

Mears are committed to generating zero carbon housing in the UK by raising the minimum standards of energy efficiency for rental properties. Through retrofitting, we aim to reduce costs and improve carbon efficiency for our social housing landlords. Bringing us one step closer to meeting the government’s target of zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Retrofitting Social Housing

Our zero carbon initiative provides social housing retrofit and solutions to comply with government legislation. By upgrading your property portfolio, you can benefit from lower energy consumption across your homes, thereby reducing energy bills and improving the lives of your tenants.

The Retrofitting Process

Our retrofitting programme aims to update your current social housing properties in a practical way. Energy efficient and cost effective in the long run, our team of retrofitters can guide you seamlessly through upgrading your rental homes.

Retrofit Audit

Building carbon zero homes starts with planning. Our retrofit specialists will carry out an analysis of the property, identifying areas of improvement, providing energy saving recommendations suited to each of your properties. Our retrofit specialists will then provide thorough recommendations on the following aspects; insulation, window and door upgrades, boiler replacements and electrical and lighting improvements.

Retrofit Strategy

We will then strategise, optimising our refit plan for maximum cost efficiency and taking your business needs into account. Our refit plans can include; a full home retrofit or implementation of individual carbon zero solutions. Our plans are bespoke to the needs of your homes and properties, so our timelines will ensure less friction for you and your tenants as building work is carried out.

Retrofit Implementation

During the delivery phase of our process, our quality assurance team will ensure all work is carried out to a high level with minimal disruption to your tenants lives. All of our zero carbon solutions and retrofit materials are sourced from a sustainable supply chain to ensure carbon efficiency.

Monitoring Retrofitted Homes

Once our retrofitting has been successfully implemented, our retrofit assessors will provide regular performance and housing maintenance reviews to assess the effectiveness of work carried out. Our team uses smart technology to measure energy efficiency in the home, providing education for tenants on their energy and cost saving benefits.

Retrofitting Funding

A funding consultation with us ensures that you have access to recent funding opportunities for zero carbon homes in the UK. This can include support with government grants and schemes to maximise your cost savings.

Book a consultation with our retrofit team at Mears and see where you can benefit from cost savings across your property portfolio. We can help you plan ahead and future proof your social housing, improving the lives of your tenants as we make efforts to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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