If you are a private landlord and we are managing properties on your behalf, we will e-mail you each month with a statement. If you have not received yours, please use the button below to request your missing statement and we will email it to you within three working days.

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All fees quoted are correct as of December 2017

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report - £150 including VAT
  • Gas Safety Certificate - £96 including VAT
  • Energy Performance Certificate - £150 including VAT
  • Wherever practical, to arrange for quotes and estimates to be submitted to the Landlord for approval in respect of any work, repair, redecoration or refurbishment which will be subject to a fee of £90 including VAT.
  • We will be able to arrange on behalf of the Landlord reactive repairs to the Property for the Fixed fee of £150 including VAT in respect of any one item, defect or problem and applies to the majority of reactive repairs. The fee includes one hour of labour as well as minor parts required to complete the repair. The repair will have a three month warranty so there will be no additional costs to the Landlord should we need to go back to carry out the same repair within three months. We will not charge the Landlord a fee where access to the property was not available.
  • If further works are required we will carry out a temporary repair and produce a quote based on a schedule of rates and a breakdown of costs will be provided to the landlord. The temporary repair and quote will be charged at the fixed fee rate of £150 including VAT.
  • Out of hours emergencies (17:30pm until 9am, Mon – Fri, Sat and Sun) will be charged at £150 including VAT. The fee includes attendance to make safe and where possible, associated minor repairs. The fee does not apply where the Landlord has alternative arrangements in place.

All fees quoted are correct as of December 2017 and are subject to regular reviews to ensure they provide value for money.