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An energy solution for every home

The way landlords and their tenants generate, use and conserve energy is increasingly high profile. All of us are faced with the challenge of global warming, and the need to reduce carbon emissions. Allied to this is the rising cost of energy, along with the increasing incidence of fuel poverty.

But these challenges are also accompanied by opportunities -opportunities enhanced by The Green Deal and emerging funding streams. In turn these result in the possibility of developing a ‘green collar’ workforce that can create a real and lasting legacy across our communities.

At Mears, we are confident that the social housing sector has an integral part to play in these developments; which is why we deliver an end-to-end energy and environmental solution to residential and commercial clients.

Mears Energy offers market leading expertise in strategy and delivery. It provides a one-stop-shop on the following areas: -

  • Strategy: - Development of Energy Strategies and Energy
    Management Plans
  • Assessment: - Provision of individual or archetypal
    energy assessments
  • Funding: - Access to private sector finance and relevant
    grant funding
  • Installation: - Delivery of accredited installation
    services – including insulation and renewables.

 To find out more contact mears.energy@mearsgroup.co.uk