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The homecare market is on the brink of collapse, says a report by Mears and the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU).

Paying for it: the human cost of cut-price care reports that the care market is broken and is being held together by nothing more than hope and goodwill.

It says that care is being purchased across England at prices that are simply not economically sustainable. Care providers, both businesses and charities, have the choice to either limp along propping up care and effectively subsidising the state while shorting workers and clients, or go out of business – the choice is as stark as that.

In Paying for it, we look at the human side of a care market on the brink of failure with stories from across the care system. We look at the background to the crisis and outline the systemic problems making failure more likely – and leaving the most vulnerable in an even more precarious position.

Read and download the report here.

2016 Social Value Report

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