Housing Management

Finding more ways to meet local needs with unique housing management solutions.

We provide Housing Management services right across the UK. We work in partnership with Central and Local Government, registered providers, tenants, landlords and investors to find solutions to homelessness, provide more social and affordable housing and create specialist housing for people with care needs.

We are trusted to provide properties and public housing management for some of the most vulnerable people in the UK on behalf of our partners and through our own landlord business and registered providers – Plexus and Omega Housing.

Mears Housing Management can:

  • Assist with section 106
  • Discharge housing duty
  • Receive housing benefit claims
  • Receive grants from HCA
  • Risk manage for both pension funds and landlords
  • Provide guaranteed rent for landlords
  • Create more specialist housing such as Extra Care at no cost to the client

Guaranteed rent for landlords. Click here to find out more.

Our Housing Management Services


Affordable Housing Management

Private Rented Sector

Housing with Care

Government Contracts

Stock Acquisition

Mears Housing Solutions

Mears recognises that Local Authorities and individuals need access to good quality, safe and affordable temporary accommodation.

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