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“By everyone working together and delivering our ESG ambitions, we will maintain strong business credentials and demonstrate our commitment to always doing the right thing.”

“As a responsible service-provider to the public sector, Mears has always been committed to the lives of the customers we support, the communities in which they live, the quality of our staff experience and more recently the environmental agenda. This is a core purpose for the company and, accordingly, for those who work within it.”

David Miles, CEO

Enhanced our ESG reputation and articulated a clear story to the city, our investors, clients, customers and partners
Attracted new investors to our business
Retained all agreed ESG related accreditations
Championed external themes that demonstrate our values
Established ourselves as a Thought Leader - staying ahead of, and being involved in, future policy and regulation changes
Established Mears Foundation as the cornerstone of our community investment work
Grown diversity across our business, especially in senior positions
Demonstrated commitment and internal leadership to ESG
Supported work winning and retention
Developed strong partnership working with supply chain
Enhanced our employer brand story and colleague loyalty
Be leaders in reducing carbon and fuel poverty in social housing aprocurement and partnership working
We will achieve net zero carbon emissions on Scope 1 and 2 by 2030 across our operations
Sustainable development goals
We will improve lives by contributing at least  £5k, per employee, of Social Value each year
Sustainable development goals
We will enhance our strategy to sustainable procurement by 2033 and evolve our approach to maintain our high standards
Sustainable development goals
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