IRT Retrofitting and Carbon Reduction

Specialists at showing housing providers how to make homes more eco-friendly.
Optimise your retrofitting with data-driven solutions

IRT offers cloud-based software solutions and thermal imaging surveys to housing associations, local authorities, Net Zero consultants, energy companies and contractors.

Its innovative and powerful DREam software models retrofitting decisions within seconds and can be scaled to thousands of properties. The cloud-based software takes the pain away from having to manually analyse data so you can focus on reaching your 2030 Net Zero targets quicker. It will also track your retrofitting journey, automatically identify funding opportunities, and export bid-friendly reports and data files.

Since 2002 IRT has surveyed over 350,000 homes across the UK and showed hundreds of housing professionals what measures to take to make their homes more energy efficient. Its surveying offer uses infrared thermal imaging technology to complement its software solutions by providing hard evidence of the before and aftereffects of retrofitting.

  • Optimised retrofits (DREam): Cloud-based software that helps you assess and make decisions about your housing portfolio's energy performance.

  • Thermal Imaging Surveys: On-site and in-depth thermal imaging surveys allowing you to make informed decisions when planning retrofits.

Mears Group's acquisition of IRT

We acquired IRT in August 2022 to compliment the services we already provide. IRT's acquisition will help Mears to quickly develop intelligent retrofit plans for our clients to help decarbonise ageing housing stock and support meeting Net Zero by 2050.

Having the innovative IRT platform is a vital part of the Group’s retrofit solution and will enable Mears to conduct stock analysis modelling for carbon reduction work, enabling opportunities to be progressed quickly, and to help identify and access grant funding support available.

The acquisition will provide Mears new skills and capabilities in this area, bringing new expertise in-house, supporting pre-sales activity and helping to unlock the Group’s ability to deliver carbon retrofit work, which is identified to be a significant market.
CEO of IRT, Stewart Little said: “We are delighted to become part of the Mears family and look forward to working collaboratively with clients to accelerate their net zero journey. Together, IRT and Mears are able to take clients through the entire retrofit process from start to finish – that’s something unique in the market today”.