Good Governance

Good Governance in 2023
Good Governance
81% Customer Excellence 2023

98% prompt payment compliance

100% positive compliance for anti-corruption standards

Institute of Customer Service ServiceMark accredited

100% certified to all relevant ISO accreditations

Zero Human Rights breaches

100% Right to Work employee compliance

100% contract retention​ for existing contracts 2023

Maintained ISMS that is certified to ISO27001​
Through robust governance and identifying risks and opportunities, the Mears Board works to the highest level of transparency and good governance. Our aim is to take this approach throughout our business to ensure that ethical behaviour, transparency and openness form the heart of our culture at every level.
7 years
Average contract tenure and 80% contract retention.
of timber FS Certified
GDPR breaches in 2022
Supplier compliance to ESG policy and standards
Sustainable Development Goals
Protecting human rights
Our Goal
Maintain our approach to ensure we have no human rights breaches or issues
Our Plan
Continue to conduct business and deliver service in a way that respects and considers human rights
All suppliers fully compliant with Group policy by 2024
Uphold our standards and compliance on modern slavery, human trafficking and child/forced labour
Regularly monitor labour and payroll
Deliver a package of initiatives that raise awareness with employees
Gain greater understanding of the supply chain practices and procedures of our key suppliers
Sustainable procurement
Our Goal
Define our strategy for sustainable procurement by 2023 and thereafter deliver and evolve our approach to maintain our high standards
Our Plan
All suppliers signed up to our Supplier Commitments. Measure and monitor annually.
All core suppliers have successful environmental audit results by 2025
All timber products sourced from certified forests by 2030
90% of all sourced products are from sustainable sources by 2025
Maintain responsible approach to prompt payment code
Continue to work with externally accredited organisations on attributing value to sustainable procurement
Our Top 10 suppliers engaged in collaborative ESG plan
Information security & governance
Our Goal
Continually evolve a robust strategy to ensure we deliver to the highest standard, have no security breaches and are fully GDPR compliant
Our Plan
Embed a consistent process to identify and assess privacy risks – 100% compliance across all business areas
All information security incidents are investigated and areas of improvement are identified and actioned
Deliver a package of initiatives that ensure awareness and understanding across all colleagues
Maintain an Information Security Management System that is certified to ISO 27001
Obtain and maintain industry certifications
Identify and manage cyber risks
Deliver secure information systems to the Group
Our Goal
Be regarded as 'partners for purpose' building strong and lasting relationships with clients, investors and funders, holding ourselves to account through scrutiny
Be regarded as service leaders, for all areas of our business, across the public sector
Our Plan
Provide secure investment and funding
Continue with Your Voice Customer Scrutiny Board – independent framework for customer engagement
Continue with ESG Advisory Board– independent advisers that constructively challenge
Consider ESG factors across all assets in which we invest by 2025
Partner with Governments, businesses, academia, and communities to ensure best practice and mobilise action for sustainable development
Positively influence policy and current practice (Local and National Government) through our Thought Leader programme – continue to lead the way
Maintain or improve year on year, contract tenure lengths
Maintain or improve, year on year, 80% contract retention
Risk, ethics & governance
Our Goal
To be regarded as a responsible and trusted organisation, demonstrated through strong ethics, transparency and good risk management.
Our Plan
Ensure year on year compliance with anti-corruption governance
Continue zero tolerance to anti-competitive behaviour
Year on year compliance and good practice on financial reporting and tax obligations
Review and align our targets to TCFD and UN SDGs
Promote Executive Board and senior management responsibilities for governance and risk approach
Continue Independent audit and risk assessment annually with transparent action and reporting
Provide a confidential whistleblowing channel to encourage colleagues to speak out
Opt into open carbon reporting (Carbon Disclosure Project)
Continue disciplined approach to bidding and capital allocation to maintain strong balance sheet
Develop and implement a Climate Change Plan by end 2024
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