Improving Lives

Award recognition for supporting military veterans into new careers

English and language Classes
Life coaching and integration workshops
Eco, food, and waste management education
Befriending events for isolated service users
Tea/Coffee events for over 50's
Arts and Crafts Sessions
Inclusive homework support for school aged children.

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) works with organisations like us to provide service leavers with career pathways and job opportunities as they transition between military and civilian life.

Over the past few months our in-house team of expert recruiters have been busy ensuring all job adverts are posted onto the CTP website as well as attending CTP careers fairs around the country with members of our Armed Forces Working Group. Together with more traditional recruitment channels, these initiatives have meant that over 25 veterans have landed  full-time positions with us, opening up a whole range of career and development opportunities for them.

Simon Hardy, our Regional SHE Manager and an Army Reservist, is currently serving as a Training Warrant Officer with the Northumbria University Officers’ Training Corps (NUOTC) where he teaches military and leadership skills to students considering joining the regular Army or Army Reserves.

He commented:

Having completed 24 years regular service with the Royal Engineers, I still wanted to be part of a military community and was especially keen to pass on the experience I had gained. For me joining the Reserves was the obvious choice, however I also needed to find a job in 'civvy street'. All I can say is that I was extremely fortunate to find an employer like Mears, who not only recognised my regular service, but who also understood the valuable contribution that Reservists make to our nation’s military capability and providing the support I need to fulfil my commitments. Since joining Mears, I have become involved with our Armed Forces Working Group, manning the Mears stand at various CTP events where I have been able to both advise service leavers from my own experience, and promoted Mears as a great forces friendly company to work for.

Tim Kennedy, Talent Acquisition Partner added:

As a proud member of the Armed Forces Covenant, we understand the importance of improving the lives of service people and their families, and it is fantastic to now be an endorser of The Career Transition Partnership. Ex-military personnel have a range of valuable skills which are perfect for our services and help grow our business. Being able to demonstrate the work we do with the CTP by proudly displaying the CTP Endorser Award logo will help us to attract and retain new talent from a pool of talented ex-service personnel.

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