Healthy Planet

Healthy Planet in 2023
Waste diversion from landfill
Pollution incidents or environmental legislation breaches
Certified for delivering retrofit decarbonisation works
Environmental & green space projects delivered
Success rate on Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) bids
Our aim is to become a carbon neutral organisation, whilst helping clients create safe and sustainable places that will have long-lasting benefits for their communities.
Zero Waste Index. Year on year improvement.
3 ESG Assessments year on year improvement
FTSE4 Good (4.0), Sustainalytics (17.3), MSCI (AA)
ISO 14001 accredited
Sustainable Development Goals
Decarbonising Homes
Our Goal
By 2025 we will aim to achieve:
Sector leading provider of carbon reduction solutions in social housing sector
Our Plan
Achieve and maintain all relevant accreditations to demonstrate competency and compliance
Support our clients to deliver domestic retrofit ambitions
Embed a resident first approach to the decarbonisation of homes (Data > Define > Design > Deliver > Declare)
Use asset data to help access the limited financial resources currently available AND leverage funding as it becomes available.
Transition our workforce as a whole to ensure understanding and capability
Restoring nature & biodiversity
Our Plan
Work with clients and local communites to improve green and open spaces
If necessary invest in carbon offsetting to balance residual emissions by 2030
Minimising waste
Our Goal
Achieve waste diversion from landfill of minimum 98% on all waste by 2025
Achieve a Zero Waste Index score of 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030, from 2021 baseline of 2.53 degrees Celsius
Our Plan
Increase colleague awareness and introduce measures to reduce waste across all sites
Reduce carbon through the protection of natural resources by reviewing our waste process
Avoid waste by improving the reuse of "waste materials"
Partner with charities to reuse and recycle furniture and white goods, increasing % recycled yearly
Monitor and adopt new technologies as they become available
Work in partnership with our National Waste partner to embed improvements to achieve Zero Waste index score
Reducing our Carbon Emissions
Our Goal
Achieve net zero carbon emissions on Scope 1 and 2 by 2030 across our operations
Achieve net zero carbon emissions on Scope 3 by 2045 across our supply chain
Our Plan
Create a net zero carbon transition plan using science based targets
Continue disclosing our emissions, and publicly report on progress against our targets
Transition to electric vehicle fleet by 2030
Continue to work with and support supply chain to achieve net zero carbon
Create an internal plan for reducing carbon across our offices and buildings, creating awareness and understanding with all colleagues
Mears employees socially distancing and wearing masks on a grassy hill
Preventing Pollution
Our Goal
Continually evolve our approach to maintain zero pollution incidents and zero environmental legislation breaches
Our Plan
Maintain ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certification
Work with clients and communities to clear pollutants from the environments we work in i.e. litter, plastics, etc
Continue activity to raise environmental awareness within our workforce
Maintain robust policies & procedures to ensure environmental compliance and adherence with legislation
Monitor and adopt new technologies as they become available
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