Improving Lives

Mears Foundation: Grants Awarded

English and language Classes
Life coaching and integration workshops
Eco, food, and waste management education
Befriending events for isolated service users
Tea/Coffee events for over 50's
Arts and Crafts Sessions
Inclusive homework support for school aged children.

We’re delighted to announce that following the September Grant Application process, the Mears Foundation have been able to support charities and good causes by awarding grants totalling an astonishing £50,000.

The Mears Foundation specifically looks to support programmes that have a positive impact on the lives of asylum seekers, older people and the homeless that tackle issues such as exclusion, isolation, poverty, mental health, and violence.

Heather Tyrer, General Manager of the Mears Foundation said –

We’re excited to be able to support different charities and good causes which help make a significant impact in the communities we work in.

This wouldn’t have been possible without your support and fundraising for the Foundation. Every raffle ticket purchased, every mile walked, and every penny donated through Giving for Change has been matched by Mears Group and goes directly to supporting some fantastic projects.

Keep an eye out for further projects and good causes that the Foundation has supported.

Here are some examples of the first few grants awarded:

Winter Socials for Glasgow Asylum Seekers – James Cherry

The grant will fund a series of events, targeting several demographics from the Asylum population in Glasgow.

The events will provide a safe meeting space for isolated and vulnerable service users. A variety of activities will be provided during the winter period, including –

  • English and language Classes
  • Life coaching and integration workshops
  • Eco, food, and waste management education
  • Befriending events for isolated service users
  • Tea/Coffee events for over 50’s
  • Arts and Crafts Sessions
  • inclusive homework support for school aged children.

These events and workshops will enable us to open the door to many communities that we have previously been unable to access. With many community and church halls facing the threat of closing down due to financial pressures, the funds for the use of room and hall will provide a lifeline to continue their work in the wider communities.



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Islington Reception Centres’ – Theo Petrou

Mears Islington are currently refurbishing two homeless shelters for Islington Council, installing new showers/bathrooms to all accommodation rooms. The grant will help with purchasing welcome sanitary packs for residents that will occupy the finished dwellings.

The current project has assisted in building a relationship with Islington Councils Homes, neighbourhood, and social services departments.  

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The Peel Project CIC - Jade Raybould

The grant will support 190 asylum seekers accommodated in the Mears IA site in Hull who have no access to holistic activities, resulting in isolation and boredom.

The Peel Project is a community project which was set up to provide essential support services to local community members. The project is based in the central ward, where 66.7% of children in IMD 1 with 23% of households not having English as their first language. The area is considered one of the most deprived areas in England and contains a diverse community, which has been impacted by the pandemic in a multitude of ways.

The awarded grant will help facilitate exercise classes for many families affected by asylum. The classes will provide a safe environment where young people can engage in activities to boost both physical and mental health as well as create an environment to improve community cohesion.

The sessions will also be supported by Mears volunteers which is a great opportunity to learn new skills, increase your confidence, try new things, and make new friends.