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Picnics in the Park - Welfare & Relationships with Asylum families

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At Mears, we firmly believe in our commitment to social value and doing our part to make our communities thrive.

A brilliant example of making an impact was demonstrated by our colleagues from AASC Scotland. Working in partnership with the Central and West Integration Network, they provided activities and picnics for families living in the Govan and Springburn areas of Glasgow.

Service users were invited to attend the picnics which were held at the local park. Our colleagues set up a gazebo with folding chairs and prepared a wide variety of games including badminton, football, frisbee, skittles, and cricket. In addition, creative activities such as arts and crafts, pottery, and a gardening session were available.  The Central West Integration Network provided a halal picnic for each participant which included pizza and burgers.

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The success of the event is evident in the attendance. Over six weeks, an average of 30 people per week participated. More importantly, the events gave children and their parents the opportunity to meet new people and build relationships.  Many families have made repeat visits, with one family decorating the Gazebo for their son's 9th birthday party.

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In addition to service user attendance, the employee contribution has been excellent, with more than 15 colleagues getting involved, a massive thank you to the team.

With further sessions planned, the events have demonstrated the power of working in partnership. The effort, enthusiasm, and encouragement from the team involved have brought people together, forging relationships that benefit everyone.