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Trialling Hybrid Vehicles

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Last year Mears Group completed a trial that included sixteen other large companies which involved road testing a Ford Transit Plug-In Hybrid van for a year to explore how electric vehicles can support cleaner air targets while boosting productivity for operators in urban conditions.

We are always looking at the impact of our business and how we can help to improve the communities we work in. The nature of our business means we are working in urban environments where air pollution will be a significant factor in reducing the quality of life for residents and if we can be part of the solution then that’s what we should do.

Ian Watson, Procurement Director:

Companies like ours are heavily dependent on fleet for our day to day business so we are taking steps now to ensure that the Mears fleet of the future is reducing our carbon footprint.

The trial involved companies such as Addison Lee, British Gas, DPD, Heathrow airport, TfL, Sky and the Royal Mail who, like Mears, operate large fleets in London.