Good Governance
Healthy Planet
Improving Lives

Mears UK Responsible Business Charter

English and language Classes
Life coaching and integration workshops
Eco, food, and waste management education
Befriending events for isolated service users
Tea/Coffee events for over 50's
Arts and Crafts Sessions
Inclusive homework support for school aged children.

Mears wants to be the best possible partner for the Government, local councils, for people who live or work in any of our branches and communities we operate in. Following wide consultation, we have developed our responsible business recommendations based on the feedback from our partners and stakeholders across the UK.

Mears Group is launching its Responsible Business Charter for consultation after evidencing alignment with multiple benchmarks.

The Charter is a values-led partnership between Government and business based on boosting productivity and competitiveness through fairness, equality and sustainable employment.

Mears aims to be regarded as the UK's most trusted and respected provider of housing with care solutions and we want to make sure we get our business pledges right.

You can find the full copy of our UK Business Charter here