NCSW21 - Effective Strategy and Focused Leadership

Day Four of #NationalCustomerServiceWeek focuses on Effective Strategy and Focused Leadership. At Mears, we understand customer service should be a boardroom priority and as part of our 2025 strategy, the board have committed to ensuring we deliver the highest levels of customer service.

As part of that commitment, we have embarked on a Service Leadership Project.  As part of the project, we conducted internal and external benchmarking to understand what good looks like in our sector and then compared Mears against our benchmarking and produced a gap analysis. 

This work has formed recommendations which will focus on; enhancing our IT infrastructure and digital offering, leadership and recognition, effective two way communication, client engagement, creating consistency through our people and processes and better use of insight to manage performance and make more informed service decisions.

We also understand the importance of giving our customers a bigger voice, through feedback and engagement. So, last year, we launched ‘Your Voice’ with the ambition to drive service improvement through customer-led scrutiny.  Your Voice has a direct link to our PLC Board, through our independent Chair, to ensure we have the right level of support and decision making that in turn enables us to deliver the highest standards of service to our customers.

Are you interested in becoming part of our Your Voice online network, where you can regularly provide us with feedback? You can find out more about how to get involved here - Your Voice| Mears Group PLC