NCSW21 - Essential Customer Service - Skills & Capability

We are halfway through #NationalCustomerServiceWeek and today focuses on Essential Customer Service – Skills and Capabilities. At Mears, we believe in inspiring and empowering our colleagues to deliver and be proud of customer experience, sharing and celebrating our success and ensure we are providing the relevant skills and training our teams deserve.

Making a Positive Difference (MAPD) is our award-winning Customer Training package, accredited by ICS Training Mark and recognised as a key solution in supporting our customer-facing colleagues with skills to deliver an industry-leading customer experience.  

MAPD is delivered via a learning map and delivers serious messages about our standards. The training naturally creates an environment for organic, interactive, and relaxed learning. The learning map retains traditional board game elements, making it fun, informal, and competitive.

We will continue to encourage and empower our colleagues by delivering excellent customer service.