Planned Works in Partnership with Islington Council

Every year homes need fixtures and fittings upgrading, as well as regular inspections to check for general wear and tear.

Contract synopsis

Mears delivers planned maintenance services in partnership with Islington Council for cyclical repairs, preventative maintenance & improvements in energy efficiency and fire protection works, for a portfolio of homes East of the borough.

Mears has worked in partnership with Islington Council for over a decade, delivering repairs and and maintenance services to approx.15,000 council properties.

What did we do?

Mears are one of three contractors appointed to deliver external cyclical decoration and repair and renewal works to roofs, windows, external structures, internal communal areas, kitchen and bathroom renewals, communal electrical work. This includes communal lighting, estate lighting, door entry phone renewal, riser, and lateral renewal: mechanical repair and renewal works. This is mainly for ventilation systems but also the renewal of communal water tanks and fire protection works.

On average, Mears carries out planned works on 20 homes per week on densely populated estates and 12 per week for more dispersed street properties in Islington. The programme is based on a yearly programme set around a specific replacement criterion. The team’s high levels of organisation, planning and operational skills ensure delivery of the works programmes within expected timescales and budget.

What were the outcomes?

Mears have consistently achieved 2.06% efficiency savings against the original target of 2%. The team limit the impact of increased lead times for materials through early engagement with the supply chain. For example, we have brought forward the survey process for the fire doors programme, so we can order materials well in advance.

The Mears portal, MCMView, allows Islington contacts to access contract data, documents and works progress. They can review pre-and- post inspection information, documents and photographs (provided by Mears site managers) remotely from their web-enabled PC, smartphone, or tablet. This has accelerated the sign-off turnaround time and provides a robust audit trail.

Mears constantly reviews and test the programme to see where improvements can achieve accelerated completion times, lower costs, or allow the Council the option to bring priority properties forward. To maintain the integrity of the overall programme and the 100% delivery on time record, Mears:

  • Plan for a level of contingency in programmes to help address any unforeseen issues.
  • Work with sub-contractors to ensure they employ the optimum labour.
  • Engage with preferred subcontractors via weekly progress meetings.
  • Maintain a standby list of vetted, approved and trusted subcontractors.

Resident satisfaction at Islington is consistently 100%, with 55% being very satisfied. This is achieved through effective resident engagement and consultation that includes: two consultation evenings prior to the commencement of each major works package and regular monthly newsletters. Mears also has representation at the Service Provider Review Panel, regular liaison with the Resident Engagement Board, specific leaseholder consultation and leaseholder representation at the Core Group meetings.

Every year homes need fixtures and fittings upgrading, as well as regular inspections to check for general wear and tear.Every year homes need fixtures and fittings upgrading, as well as regular inspections to check for general wear and tear.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for the contribution that they have made helping us to keep the Council’s housing stock in excellent repair. I believe that staff in both organisations have truly embraced the ethos of “partnering” and have worked well together.

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