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2012 Olympic Prospect seeks to become a Future Champion

Sprinter Hadley Presley looks to domestic wins with help from Mears sponsorshipHaving returned from his first international race in Malta, 100 and 200 metre sprinter Hadley Pressley, a hot prospect for the 2012 Olympics, has begun training in earnest to make his Olympic dreams come true.Sponsored by Mears Group's Future Champions programme, which finds and financially supports prospects for the 2012 Olympics, Pressley recently went to Malta for a crucial race to prepare him for the pressures of international competition - his first international competition."I ran the 100m in Malta in 11.76s, and came 19th out of the 40 competing," said Hadley. "Considering this was my first international race in my first season, I was pretty pleased with the result!"Ken Mantock, Director of Community & Environment for Mears said: "Our Future Champion programme has been running very successfully for the past five years. With the UK hosting the 2012 Olympics, we have the opportunity to encourage sporting participation and healthy lifestyles and to find inspirational young figures, and Hadley is the perfect example of this."Hadley is now back in the UK and in training, with a number of key events on the horizon that he is looking to win on his road to the Olympics."I can only work a few hours a week because of my intensive training," explained Hadley, "so this put a huge strain on me financially. Mears' sponsorship has supported my training and travelling expenses, and has allowed me to concentrate on doing the best I can." To be eligible to apply as a Mears Future Champion you must be 11-20 years old,  living in a community where Mears is working, and already showing signs of excellence (at or approaching national standard) in an Olympic sport.


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