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Alan Long: Mental Health Awareness Week

Alan Long: Mental Health Awareness Week

Mears is focusing on wellbeing for mental health awareness week, and at such an unprecedented time for all companies, it’s never been more important. Alan Long writes to colleagues:

The world is a worrying place right now and it has never been more important to focus on how we all are. For those performing essential works and those who are furloughed I want to send a clear message – this is affecting us all. No matter how robust you might normally be, no matter what you do in the company, or if you think these messages aren’t for you – they are, and we will all be better for realising it.

For those not coping too well, there are many ways this can manifest itself;

  • Anxiety about you and your loved ones during this time.
  • Loneliness if you live alone, as the social life of the country has shut down.
  • Depression which can manifest in so many ways.
  • Trouble sleeping or a lack of interest in things you would normally enjoy.
  • Feeling angry or isolated.

Work is a big part of anyone’s life and I truly believe it is one place where people can turn to when they need help.  At Mears we are thinking about our contribution in the following areas:

  • Having a good work/life balance

How we can ensure that we are providing the opportunities for you all to work as flexibly as possible and to fully support colleagues to maintain the best possible balance

  • Helping people at home as well as at work

It is likely that some of our workforce will work from home more often – we need to ensure that this doesn’t alienate people and they have the right structures and support

  • Having a positive, safe working culture for all

A safe and positive culture should be the basis of everything we do. A company where we can come to work without fear of illness or injury and one which has a caring culture which values all colleagues

  • Opportunities for career development

Through appraisals, feedback and training opportunities Mears should be letting you know how we value your contribution and provide positive feedback and encouragement for your future within the company and beyond

We have some exciting plans to meet these challenges – mental health awareness training for all managers, partnering with Mental Health First Aiders UK, a focus on wellbeing in all People Plan’s, and the formation of a Mental Health Steering Group.

This week we will be sharing resources, ideas and thoughts from colleagues and sharing any good ideas about what we’ve been doing to stay positive – #mearspositivepeople. We are using the greatest resource we have to help each other – our people.

There are so many uncertainties right now, but your colleagues are here, your line managers are here – we are all here so let’s carry on talking and help one another through this crisis.