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Corgi Services Commends Mears Grimsby

Mears Grimsby Gas Team Receive Five-Star Award for 2nd Consecutive Quarter.CORGI Services ltd has awarded a five-star commendation to Mears Group's Grimsby gas team and Shoreline Housing Partnership - the first gas contract ever to receive the title for two quarters in a row.The Mears/SHP partnership provides gas works and maintenance to 8,000 homes annually and employs CORGI to provide independent quality checks of its services, which includes quality control inspections of the gas service work undertaken by Mears.Quality control auditing involves the post inspections of gas servicing and maintenance work undertaken and the subsequent verification of the contractor documentation to ensure compliance with Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998, in particular Regulations 36 'Duties of a Landlord'.Audit findings confirmed the performance of Mears in respect of quality of servicing and documentation produced over the past year has been to a very good standard. Mears has regularly achieved performance levels in excess of the national average Benchmark as utilised by CORGI Services. Corgi, who dispense five-star awards only to companies that provide a high standard of works and administration, have awarded just 25 of these titles over the last three years.Helen Whyte, manager of Mears Grimsby Gas said: "We are delighted not only that we have been awarded this prestigious title, but also that we are the only organisation to be awarded a 100% quality rating for our workmanship on three consecutive occasions in the industry."


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