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Cornwall Council to deliver 750 extra care housing units

Cornwall Council has signed a partnership with Mears Group to deliver 750 extra care housing units over the next seven years.
Cornwall Council has signed a partnership with Mears Group to deliver 750 extra care housing units over the next seven years.

Cornwall Council has entered into a 30 year strategic partnership with the Mears Groups to design, build and operate 750 extra care housing units for the residents of Cornwall.

The aim of the schemes is to allow older people and those with disabilities to live independently in their own homes and have access to range of support, such as care and community events.

The partnership is expected to create around 700 jobs for people across Cornwall, and the council has committed to pay the Living Wage to workers delivering care and support.

Councillor Rotchell, Cabinet Member for Adults said:

“In signing this partnership Cornwall has shown that it is a UK leader in planning for the housing of our older residents. Research has shown repeatedly that extra care developments can keep people living independently for longer and reduce the likelihood of accidents such as falls and GP visits overall.  The aim of extra care living is to not just to focus on care but to ensure that our residents can live in a community and to carry on leading rich and independent lives.”  

Alan Long, executive director of Mears Group said:  

“Mears are delighted to be partners with Cornwall Council for the delivery of extra care across Cornwall.

“We have commissioned independent research which showed that extra care living can prevent people from having to go to hospital due to on-site care and due to the benefits of living in specially adapted accommodation which is designed for their specific needs.

“We know that people want to live independent lives whilst ensuring that they have the comfort of knowing that they can be supported to remain active and healthy with the assurance of 24-hour care if needed. We also know that residents want to live in homes where design and comfort are of a high standard. We hope by signing this partnership we will achieve all of these aims and build a better quality of life for future residents.”

We look forward to working with Cornwall Council to create well designed homes with a focus on health and wellbeing for our over 55’s communities.

The units, which will include a mixture of affordable rented and shared ownership options, will be developed over a period of seven years.

Mears said it believes extra care is the “future of independent living” and has seen the benefits of such schemes, with a more stable and extended workforce, flourishing communities and better outcomes for residents.

Notes to Editors

The partnership is already underway with the and initial site assessments being conducted to identify the first developments. For more information please contact Sian Davenport at