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Council selects partner for regeneration of priority areas of Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Council has selected Mears Group Plc to form a new Regeneration Partnership.Taking nearly two years of work to get to this point, the Partnership will deliver repairs and maintenance services for nearly 11,500 Council homes and regenerate key areas in Milton Keynes that are in the greatest need over a 15-year period.The Partnership will be in equal ownership between the Council and Mears.At the Cabinet meeting on 21 December 2015 it was agreed that a partnership should be formed between the Council and Mears.The Partnership will respond to the RegenerationMK Strategy which states that regeneration in Milton Keynes must be focused on supporting positive change for People, Place and Prosperity. This means supporting community groups and residents to play an active part in the regeneration of their area, helping people furthest away from employment get good jobs and making improvements to housing and the areas where they live.The Partnership will work with communities to develop regeneration plans. This community-led approach will mean the Partnership will focus on delivering what matters to residents living in seven priority neighbourhoods as well as improving housing, employing locally and supporting local projects.The priority areas are Beanhill, North Bradville, Coffee Hall, Fullers Slade, Lakes Estate, Netherfield and Tinkers Bridge.Cllr Hannah O’Neill, Cabinet Member responsible for Housing and Regeneration, said: “This is a great opportunity for us to work in partnership with local communities and the private sector to make a real difference to people’s lives.“We believe that the Partnership represents the best overall solution for achieving social, physical and economic regeneration across Milton Keynes for the benefit of all our citizens.”Alan Long, Executive Director for Mears, said: “Everyone at Mears is really looking forward to working with the people of Milton Keynes on this exciting opportunity. Our experience tells us that the best solutions are always found when we carefully listen to the community and act on what we learn.“One of our key commitments is to maximise opportunities for local people, who will benefit from a variety of employment and training programmes, in both trades and support services, which will be created throughout the project.”Mears’ vision is to make a positive difference to the people they serve, through a range of community-led regeneration programmes across the UK. This is done by improving homes, the local area and the lives of residents.Our approach is based on the development of outstanding partnerships with employees, clients, tenants, customers, their families and the wider community.


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