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Councillor praises improvements to estate

Riverside, one of the country's largest social housing providers, teamed up with various partners to carry out a recent "Doorstep Project" which was attended by Durham County Council's Patrick Conway.  

Mears which repair and maintain nearly three thousand homes on behalf of Riverside, together with Durham neighbourhood wardens, teamed up with Riverside staff and carried out a door knocking exercise, offering tenants the chance to have minor repairs carried out on the day or report any neighbourhood or environmental issues.  In addition staff spray painted numbers on wheelie bins to try to eliminate the issue of bins going missing.

The Doorstep Project was a follow up to the recent improvements made to Ramsey Close and Turnbull Close in Durham.  Following a successful bid to Riverside's central fund for non stock condition work, Riverside were able to make major improvements to the area which included extending the gardens of six properties to provide increased security to their properties.  This eliminated a nuisance walkway behind their properties.  Lockable communal gates were also fitted to the remaining properties.  In addition standing areas for wheelie bins has been provided, together with fencing and hanging baskets.

Durham County Council's Patrick Conway attended on the day to see the improvements for himself. He said "I can see a vast improvement resulting in the work carried out by Riverside and I am pleased that there is a maintenance programme in place to keep it this way.  I can see a 100% improvement in the area in the last twelve months".



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