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Doorstep Project helps Northolt residents stay safe at home

Residents of Northolt were visited by a host of local organisations last week as part of Morrison’s ‘Doorstep Project’. Morrison who provide housing repairs and maintenance to the London Borough of Ealing, teamed up with the Metropolitan Police, London Fire Brigade and Tenant Representatives to visit residents in the Churchill Court area to provide advice and practical assistance on home safety and security, crime prevention, fire safety and anti-social behaviour.Residents were given advance notice and the teams visited the majority of homes in the area. The Police offered advice on how to improve security and Morrison had operatives on hand to fit free door security chains and mirrors – with more than 50 being fitted on the day. The London Fire Brigade offered free smoke alarms and tested existing ones.Resident, Eddie Brown said ‘It’s a really good idea in these particular blocks as there are a lot of elderly residents and single mums’.Another resident Pam Badhan said “Having seen the finished work I am pleased to say that it has been completed to an excellent standard. Further to this, the Morrison operative acted with the upmost professionalism and courtesy as well as being helpful”.Chief Inspector Dan Thorpe, Ealing Police Safer Neighbourhoods, said “The Doorstep Project in Northolt provides residents with simple but extremely effective products to deter bogus callers. The project supports the Metropolitan Police Service’s Total Victim Care initiative by trying to safeguard potential victims of crime. Previous projects in the borough have been very well received and we look forward to supporting similar initiatives in the future to help Ealing become a safer place to live.”Martin Crank, Resident Involvement Manager for Ealing Council said “The council are really pleased to be involved in this initiative; it’s great to see our contractor actively involved in other activities, rather than the day to day job. The benefits are plain to see and gives residents an added sense of security’


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