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FTSE4 Good Accreditation highlights Mears as an ethical investment

FTSE4 Good Accreditation highlights Mears as an ethical investment

We are delighted to announce that Mears Group have successfully retained our FTSE 4 Good accreditation for 2020, thus securing a place once again in the top 40% of companies for displaying strong corporate social responsibility.

Alan Long, Executive Director of Mears said:

This shows once again that UK social housing is leading the way in efforts to report collectively on its environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials, so this demonstrates how critical it is for the Group to evidence its focus and performance in these areas. FTSE4 Good is the leading accreditation to do this, so a good achievement to see the Group achieve this listing.

What’s FTSE 4 Good?

FTSE 4 Good is an initiative ran by FTSE to provide an independent measure the Environmental, Social and Governance practices of companies on its Global index.

It was set up to cater for a growing number of investors who want access to a list of companies recognised for being involved in socially responsible investment.

Organisations hoping to be included on the list must supply robust evidence for how they fulfil the index’s key indices which focus on three areas: the environment, human rights and stakeholder relations.

How did we do?

Our performance was strong in all areas, when compared to the organisations in our sub sector of support services and industry averages, which now places the Group 45% of businesses, within our 'Supersector' for FTSE. This is a strong result as it includes and compares the Group against organisations in many market sectors of support services.

Year on year we have improved our scores across many of the criteria areas, which is great news. Labour standards and Human Rights and Community are worth mention, scoring maximum across all criteria.

Focus area for improvement is in particular the Environmental criteria, and how the Group evidence focus and work in managing pollution and resources, climate change strategies.

The overall report from FTSE4 Good can be viewed here for more detail. This provides some great information on comparisons of Mears to other organisations within our sub-sector of the FTSE accreditation.

A copy of the report is available here

Chief Executive Officer, David Miles, said:

“We work in some of the most socially deprived areas of the country and we feel a strong sense of responsibility towards finding ways to improve the long-term prospects of the people who live in these communities. This philosophy has always been at the heart of our business.

“Our successful retention of the accreditation and continued inclusion in the index gives confidence to those who work with us that corporate social responsibility is not something we simply pay lip service to, but is fundamental to everything we do.”