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Growth for Mears care at home with new services in East Riding

With care at home growing in demand in East Riding, Mears home care is delighted to be offering new services and is looking to recruit staff.Mears provides services on contract to East Riding Council and supports people of all ages with a wide range of care needs. Services are also provided, on a private basis, to those who want to augment the care they receive through the council, or have other requirements for support.With the number of retired people in East Riding expected to increase, care at home services are more vital than ever before, and can help to support older people to live in their own homes rather than in long-term residential care.Olav Ommer, Operations Manager for Mears in East Riding, said: “The increasing number of people requiring support means that demand for home care services is growing at an extraordinary rate, with more and more families realising that this is a viable and affordable alternative to residential care, or nursing homes.” “This is exactly where we fit in. Our employees support people with some of the everyday tasks we all take for granted, such as bathing, shopping, domestic chores and cooking meals, companionship is also important, as sometimes a care worker might be the only person one of our clients sees during the day.”“We’re delighted to be expanding in East Riding and, in order to meet growing demand for these services, we would love to hear from people who think they might have the right skills to work for us.” Mears home care offers flexible working patterns which employees can fit around their own availability, and as such, it is looking for a range of full-time, part-time and shift workers. Although previous experience is welcomed, it’s not necessary as Mears provides a full training programme in addition to ongoing support with the opportunity for career progression.Care Workers can expect a salary of £7.50 per hour plus mileage. Further incentives include a bonus of £200 for Care Workers who have experience and £250 for Care Workers who recommend a friend (subject to the member of staff completing 480 hours of work).The company is looking for staff from East Riding and the surrounding areas. Care workers range widely in age, from 18 to over 65, and come from all walks of life. Care and support is generally provided on a one-to-one basis, and those who work with Mears derive great job satisfaction which comes from a genuine interest in working with people.Anyone interested in working for Mears in East Ridingcan get in touch by callingTeresa Hare on 07889 711255 or by email case studyCatherine Stuart, age 58, has worked for Mears for 6 years. She previously worked in a factory making computer parts for 20 years, so moving into care was a total career change for her and she has never looked back."I work on a one-to-one basis with a 40 year old man with Down's Syndrome, and find my job so rewarding. I provide support with things like personal care, shopping and meal preparation, but companionship is also really important, especially as I might be the only person he sees during some days in the winter months. As he is in the process of moving to a newhouse, I've also been helping him to get quotes from electricians and plumbers, and generally assisting with the whole moving process.”"I also do some shifts with other clients, mainly elderly people or adults with special needs, when other support workers are on holiday. Getting to know the people I support and helping them to have a better quality of life is fantastic.”"The old adage about 'every face tells a story' is so true. I can safely say that I love my job and can't imagine doing anything else. I only wish that I'd done it sooner."


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