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Ladies DIY training triumph

Last week Mears held a DIY workshop at Oakwood School especially for local women to learn some basic skills to put into practice at home.The event was part of the Street Learning programme initiated by Eastbourne Homes Ltd and Eastbourne Borough Council which started in 2010. Mears provide responsive repairs to 4,500 properties on behalf of Eastbourne Homes and volunteered to be part of the programme. By using their resources they offer opportunities for personal development and the learning of new skills to those in the local community. This is achieved with small workshops covering topics which are of the tenant's responsibility; this includes basic home improvements such as decorating.This workshop was open to residents and the general public; the ladies got to grips with unblocking a sink, fixing strip lights, changing fuses and how to resolve a leak on pipework. The women were also made aware of the possible dangers in the home and how to avoid them.Nathan Palmer, Multi Trader, Mears said "I have been doing the Street Learning workshops for over a year now and have found every one enjoyable. It's a great opportunity to interact with the residents of Eastbourne and pass on some knowledge."Bob Granville, Director of Operations at Eastbourne Homes, said: "The Street Learning scheme offers an ideal platform for people to learn new skills for free. DIY is often only associated with men, so I think it's fantastic that this group of local women were shown the basics." (Left to Right) Andrew Carr - Electrician, Kate Hudson - Resident, Trisha Page - Resident, Monique Hersey - Resident, Kealy Dickinson - Resident, , Tania Johnson - Resident, Scarlet Ware - Resident and Nathan Palmer - Multi-trader


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