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Mears awarded three Asylum Accommodation and Support Contracts

Mears has been awarded three new government contracts to provide accommodation and support for asylum seekers. 

The contracts are to provide accommodation as well as supporting each service user. Mears has been awarded contracts for Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber. The contracts are for ten years. 

The contracts are part of the way in which the UK Government meets its duty to provide asylum for those seeking international protection in the UK. 

To deliver the contracts, Mears will draw on their outstanding 30 year track record of providing housing, housing maintenance and care services all across the UK, with a strong footprint in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North East and Yorkshire. 

Mears is committed to ensuring that asylum accommodation is safe, habitable and fit for purpose and will meet all contractual and regulatory standards. Moreover, Mears understands the importance of supporting each person whilst living in its accommodation and to ensure that as a company it works with the communities in which it delivers services.

During the Mobilisation period, up to 1st April 2019, Mears will work with the Home Office and service users to make sure that accommodation that is used in the new AASC contract meets the required quality standard. Mears will establish operational teams in each of the areas for which we are responsible so that we are in a position to provide the best possible performance, within the terms of the contract. This will include identifying support needs, managing community cohesion issues, and developing strong partnerships with local authorities and in communities. 

John Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of Mears said:

“Mears provides housing and care to many thousands of people all across the UK, including some who are vulnerable. This experience, combined with our expertise in housing repairs and maintenance, means we are a strong partner for the government to deliver asylum accommodation and support that is safe, habitable and fit for purpose. We will immediately start work on the Mobilisation so that we are ready to meet the needs of asylum seekers and their host communities”. 


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