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Mears calls for an end to the housing crisis

Mears has joined the Homes for Britain campaign to call for all political parties commit to ending the housing crisis within a generation.The campaign comes in the run-up to the general election at a time when housing demand vastly outstrips supply at both a national and local level.Homes for Britain is backed by thousands of people across the country who have joined forces with organisations from every corner of the housing world. They are all united by one clear call: for all political parties to commit to end to the housing crisis within a generation.Experts warn that Britain needs to build around 245,000 new homes every year to keep up with demand, yet in 2013 under half that amount were built. This lack of new housing is pushing up prices, and pushing people beyond their means. The high average house prices make owning a home a pipe dream for many.Mears wants an end to the housing crisis, so has joined forces with housing associations, architects, private developers, planners and estate agents as part of the Homes for Britain campaign to demand that the next government publishes a long-term plan setting out how it will end the housing crisis within the next generation.David Orr, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation, said:“I am delighted that Mears is part of Homes for Britain. Mears’ call for politicians to end the housing crisis within a generation is being echoed up and down the country. The next government needs to commit to a long-term plan – one that sets out how everyone will one day have the home they need at a price they can afford.“We want people from all walks of life to add their voice, so get involved - write to local politicians, tell your friends and family, and tweet us using #HomesForBritain.”Alan Long, Executive Director, Mears Group, said:“We’re backing Homes for Britain because there is a housing crisis in this country, and we want to be part of the solution. Mears provides the public sector with a full set of solutions for the delivery of new homes from a contracting service to land acquisition.”Get involved online


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