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Mears First to the Line for Customer Service Excellence Accreditation

The repair and maintenance arm of the Mears Group has become the first private sector contractor in the housing industry to win the highly credited government Customer Service Excellence standard. The accreditation covers all 71 repair and maintenance branches for the group in the UK and sees Mears joining a large group of public sector organisations in the UK to hold the accreditation.The standard assesses the quality of customer service across organisations and shines the spotlight on customer engagement, quality of core service delivery, communication, access to the service and continuous improvement.Alan Long, Executive Director said:-"The CSE Accreditation is a great achievement for Mears, and it demonstrates the customer centric culture that exists throughout our business. A substantial number of social housing providers have achieved this standard, and we are very proud that we are the first contractor to meet the criteria and win the accreditation. The accreditation supports partnership working for those organisations that carry the standard, allowing them to work towards the same service ethos, and we feel that this will benefit social housing tenants in the future". Gary Swarbrooke, Director of Policy and Quality Assurance, G4S Assessment Services commented;"We are delighted to certify Mears group - Repairs and Maintenance -  tothe prestigious Customer Service Excellence Standard. The award recognisesthe work of the team who maintain, repair and upgrade the homes of hundredsof thousands of people in their community. It shows they have drivencustomer service standards throughout the whole organisation, includingemployees working on the front line all the way through to the SeniorManagement team. Mears should be extremely proud of their achievement, andin the knowledge that they are delivering true excellence."The accreditation will be reassessed each year to guide continuous improvement.


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