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Mears Group joins new forum supporting neurodivergence in the workplace

Mears is delighted to have become a founding member of a new forum supporting neurodivergence in the workplace.
Mears is delighted to have become a founding member of a new forum supporting neurodivergence in the workplace.

Neurodiversity in Business (NiB) is a new initiative which aims to ensure greater workplace inclusion for the neurodivergent community and was recently launched at the Houses of Parliament.

Mears membership in the forum coincides with Neurodiversity Celebration Week, and we will be working alongside other leading organisations including AstraZeneca, IBM, Lloyds Banking Group, Rolls Royce and The Open University.

Led by neurodivergent experts and people with direct experience from across the business community, NiB works with businesses by sharing best practice and becoming more neuroinclusive workplaces. Measures might include improving recruitment processes or helping to identify simple changes to a workplace that support sustainable employment opportunities.

Working towards a more neurodiverse workforce is not only about social inclusion; businesses of every size can benefit from the contribution of those from a neurodivergent background through their single-mindedness, attention to detail, innovative thinking patterns, diligence and creativity. They do however require better support than is currently available – and that is where NiB can help.

Jay Whistler, Mears Deputy Employee Director, said:

We are excited to become a member of NiB. Mears is committed to listening to our workforce and supporting their individual needs to allow them to be their true self. As Disability Lead for Mears, it is my responsibility to initiate the changes to improve employee experience and create a safe workplace.

Dan J Harris, NiB’s CEO, added:

We are delighted that Mears Group has become a founding member of NiB. It signals their commitment to ensuring a truly inclusive workplace and a desire to strive for the best in diversity and inclusion standards. We look forward to working with Mears and all our members in delivering meaningful change for the neurodivergent across business.

For further information on how to join NiB, please go to