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Mears Launches Scottish Responsible Business Charter for Consultation

Mears Launches Scottish Responsible Business Charter for Consultation

Mears Group is launching its first-ever Scottish Responsible Business Charter for consultation after evidencing alignment with multiple benchmarks.

The Charter is a values-led partnership between Government and business based on boosting productivity and competitiveness through fairness, equality and sustainable employment.

Mears aims to be regarded as Scotland's most trusted and respected provider of housing with care solutions and we want to make sure we get our business pledges right.

To ensure that our commitments are meaningful to the people of Scotland, the draft charter will be publicly available on the Mears Group website for anyone to respond to.

It will be open to all our public stakeholders, including the Government, local councils across Scotland and to any member of the general public who wishes to comment on our proposals. 


Our charter commitments include:

  • Paying the Scottish Living Wage, and include fair work principles in our operations
  • Having resident and tenant representation as part of our scrutiny arrangements and service design
  • Improving the Environmental, Social, Governance and economic wellbeing of the area in which Mears operates
  • Paying small businesses on time 
  • Making it simple, straightforward and easy for local SMEs, social enterprises and supported businesses to access supply chains opportunities 
  • Making firm and achievable commitments to support Scotland’s target of Net-zero emissions by 2045
  • Having a social responsibility to pass on skills to local communities 
  • Being transparent in our financial and business reporting
  • Working harder to address equality and diversity and submitting to an independent audit of all policies and procedures to enable fair access for all
  • Having a balanced board


You can find the full draft copy of our Scottish Business Charter here


If you would like to comment on whether we go far enough or whether we have missed anything out of our pledges. Please respond via