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Mears Nurseplus to provide staff for NHS Scotland

Mears Nurseplus has been awarded a place on the NHS framework contract to supply staff into NHS establishments across Scotland. They are one of just four suppliers on the framework, and are the only one offering complex care services.The Mears Nurseplus service delivers home based care and support to over 30 people throughout Scotland. The aim is to help service users to live as independently as possible, by providing the right care, at the right time, in the right place with the right team trained to support an individual’s unique care needs. They specialise in the care of adult and paediatric service users who have a range of complex health conditions, both acute and chronic that require clinical intervention and management. Mears Nurseplus is also a registered nursing agency and, as such, could apply to be added to the NHS framework.This is the first time Mears Nurseplus has been appointed as a provider to the NHS and they will be working closely together to deliver high quality staffing in Scotland. As NHS Scotland also funds care in the community it is an opportunity for Mears Nurseplus to expand their community based complex care services.Mary Dunn, Head of Mears Nurseplus, North said: “Mears Nurseplus is looking forward to working with NHS Scotland and providing staff to the local hospitals. We are dedicated to providing high quality services. Being added to the NHS framework provides us with the opportunities to develop our relationship with the NHS and explore ways to expand our services.”


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