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Mears seeks new Chair for its Board

At a time when there is so much discussion around the future of housing and social care in this country, the fact that Mears Group has announced it is looking for a new Chair to join the Board in 2019, following the decision of Bob Holt to step down after 22 successful years at the helm, is a very important event and a great opportunity for whoever should be his successor.

During this period, Mears has grown from a small maintenance business in Gloucestershire to the leading housing with care business in the UK, with revenues of over £900m and an impressive order book.

Today, Mears is one of the UK’s leading service providers to both the public and private sectors, working in partnership to develop, fund and implement placemaking ambitions. With over 10,000 employees, Mears focus on long-term outcomes for clients rather than short-term solutions, addressing major issues such as homelessness and supporting the pressurised health and social care system.

In housing, Mears repair and maintain around 15% of the social homes in the UK and is increasingly focused on providing broader affordable housing solutions.  Mears directly manages 11,000 homes and is one of the largest providers of temporary and emergency accommodation across the country.

Mears also provides personal care to 20,000 people a year, enabling older and disabled people to continue living in their own homes.

Mears business is rooted in local communities, with the highest standards of service to people, their homes and their environment. Mears has a longstanding commitment to Social Value delivering a net social impact of over £23M in 2017.

Mears prides itself on valuing innovation, shown recently by becoming one of the first companies in the UK to appoint an Employee Director, which will ensure the workforce have a true voice.

Given this track record, the next Chair will need to be a truly exceptional candidate, who combines professionalism with commercial acumen to deliver first-class inspirational and influential leadership.  The new Chair is expected to be appointed by the end of this year .

It’s a great opportunity for anyone with a real interest in working in areas with so much importance to society and with a company that is determined to make a positive difference.




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