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Mears Wins Redbridge Housing Repairs and Maintenance Contract

Mears Wins Redbridge Housing Repairs and Maintenance Contract

Redbridge Council has extended its housing contract with Mears Group to manage the maintenance of council homes in the borough.

The new seven-year contract includes a possible extension of a further seven years, and will continue to deliver reactive repairs, voids refurbishment services, gas servicing and repairs,cyclical and planned works as well commercial heating throughout the borough from 1st April 2021.

The extension reflects the excellence in service delivery, low complaints and effective budget control that Mears has made in delivering repairs and maintenance to about 5,500 resident properties and 2,500 leaseholders.

Bob Jolly, General Manager for Mears Group, said:

We are delighted to extend our excellent relationship with Redbridge Council and the opportunities that seven more years will allow for further enhancements to what has proven to be a very successful partnership over the last fifteen years.

“We place social value at the heart of our business, and we look forward to working with our customer to develop shared objectives as to how we can contribute back into the community, especially on our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

“Mears is not just a contractor, but a local employer and our operatives are members of the community in which we will be working.

“I know the team are looking forward to getting down to work onthe new contract and starting a fantastic partnership for the future.”

This article has been featured in Facilitate Magazine and Facilities Management Journal and Local Authority Building & Maintenance