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Push the button, not your luck!

Devon and Somerset Fire Rescue Service have found that an exceptionally high number of people do not test their smoke alarm meaning levels of failure in the event of a fire could be high. 

The test of a smoke alarm takes seconds and the test button is simple to operate however this simplicity is made complicated by one simple feature of most smoke alarm fittings - you cannot reach them safely without using a step ladder.

Mears, which repairs and maintains homes on behalf of Exeter City Council asked what they could do to increase safety for residents. Mears found a simple extendable tool supplied by Purple Co Ltd called the Helping Hand Fire Tester which allows testing of smoke alarms to be done with feet firmly on the ground.

Philip Tavener, Mears Exeter said 'All of our trades people now carry this simple tool with them when they attend any repair job allowing the testing of a smoke alarm to be done with ease. We are committed to enhancing the safety of our residents and believe this will help the many elderly residents in the community.'

Working smoke alarms save lives, make sure you test yours every week.



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