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Residents get the opportunity to boost their CV

Midland Heart resident Steven LalMidland Heart tenants grasped the opportunity to boost their CV by completing trade based work experience with local firm Mears Group.Mears repairs and maintains 8,250 homes on behalf of landlord Midland Heart, and offered local residents work experience placements in painting and decorating, plumbing, plastering and carpentry. Four residents completed five week placements that were tailored to their interests; in a bid to give them a taster of the work place and a helping hand in securing employment.Mears Manager, Chris Thacker said: "We are committed to supporting the local community in which we work and appreciate many people lack the hands on experience desired by employers. Placements such as this create much needed opportunities to address local worklessness."Resident Steven Lal (pictured) said: "This work experience has been a great opportunity to help build my future."Daynia Archer, Regeneration Project Officer said: "The work placements have been a huge success, customers found it rewarding and motivating to be able to get hands on experience in a real working environment. I have noticed individuals increase not just their hard skills but also their soft skills - such as a boost in confidence, adapting to the work place and building professional relationships."Mears and Midland Heart hope to continue offering work experience placements and intend to widen the opportunity by offering office based work as well as trade based.


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