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School kids learn vital lesson about avoiding building sites

Children at Swinton Brookfield have learned a valuable lesson about the dangers of playing on building sites thanks to a school visit from repairs and maintenance firm Morrison.

The team from Morrison which repair and maintain homes on behalf of Rotherham Council, gave youngsters at Brookfield Primary some crucial tips about health and safety; as well as donating building materials to help them with a school term project on construction. The children pretended to be builders for the day with role play; installing guttering, connecting pipe works and building with bricks.

The company has been keen to hammer home the safety message because of its re-roof developments in Swinton of which the work is in full swing.

Morrison's Emma Stroud held an assembly in the school to highlight the dangers associated with playing near any construction site and designed a colouring poster for the children to take home. A visit to the site was welcomed by the Head of School, Kerry Moss and Teacher Jill Clegg who said "The children have loved visiting the site and seeing how things work. They come in to school very excited to tell us that they are having a new roof or that they have spotted a Morrison van on their way in to school."

Andy Chambers, Partnering Manager, Morrison explained: "Health and safety in and around our construction areas is of vital importance and taking this type of proactive approach with the school allows us to deliver an important message in a fun and interactive way."



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