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Soha Housing and Mears community clean-up

Resident of Fleet Meadow Mr Mace (left) with Mears Operative Keith CollinsOn Wednesday 23 July, tenants of Soha Housing were offered the opportunity to get rid of their unwanted items and bulky rubbish for free.Mears, the leading social housing repairs and maintenance provider in the UK, showed their commitment to help Soha residents keep their neighbourhoods tidy by providing a skip at Fleet Meadow Estate in Didcot.Residents were invited to get rid of their general household rubbish and bulky items by taking advantage of the free skip. Everyone was notified by letter and they were also provided with a list of items, regarded as hazardous, which could not accepted. A Mears Supervisor was on hand to advise tenants about these items and provide information about the local recycling and waste centres that would be able to accept them. For any residents who could not transport bulky items themselves Mears provided a free collection service, which proved very popular.Darren Blick, Mears Partnership Manager Didcot said: “This was a joint event run by Soha and Mears for the residents of Fleet Meadow, Didcot. It gave them the opportunity and help to clear unwanted items for free. The day was very successful with lots of positive comments and thanks from Soha residents.”Mears was elected to for the responsive repairs and voids contract after a comprehensive and competitive tendering process. The three year contract was awarded by Soha’s operational team which involved a Tenant Panel in the preparation and selection process. Since the start of the contract customer satisfaction levels have risen to over 90%.


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