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Telecare partnership will help Local Authorities meet care cuts challenge

Mears is asking Local Authorities to think differently about how they meet the increasing demands of social care provision while responding to the challenges of budget cuts. Rather than reducing the level of care provided or risking service quality, Mears believes that innovative thinking and service integration, together with the introduction of incentive based commissioning, can deliver more for less.

Mears has formed a unique partnership with two UK providers of aids and adaptations: AKW and Telecare business, Tunstall Healthcare Group. Telecare will now be integrated into Mears' domiciliary care services providing both significant cost savings and service improvement.

This partnership is a further step in the creation of a new service model for integrated commissioning that incorporates housing, telecare, care and repair. To enable its delivery Mears is prepared to fund the purchase of telecare in return for a share of the savings achieved from the reduction of residential care and NHS admissions and Mears will carry the cost of telecare purchases if inadequate savings are made.


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