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Thought Leader Spring 2015 (Housing)

Thought Leader has trawled through the mass of political speeches, campaign material and policy statements leading up to the General Election to give a snapshot of what we can expect from the main parties on housing and social care.


As a major housing review calls on local authorities to become 'house-building enablers', we kick-off a project looking at the challenges they face.


Almost 90% of planning applications go through the Government Planning Portal – could its development help shift one the major stumbling blocks to building enough houses?


The challenges of delivering service improvements at lower costs require innovative thinking between local authorities, the third sector, businesses and people who receive services. That's why Thought Leader was created. Since its inception five years ago, leaders from different sectors have created, discussed and rolled-out best practice in social care, housing and sustainable communities.Alan Long, Executive Director, Mears Group


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