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TPAS reward Mears tenant focus for the second time

Mears has confirmed its lead position as provider of social housing repairs and maintenance nationwide with the renewal of its TPAS Contractor Accreditation. Not only was Mears the first ever to achieve the contractor certification when it was launched by TPAS three years ago, but the audit shows Mears has received acknowledgement for its innovative work across a number of key areas.Awarded to contractors demonstrating good practice in the delivery of repairs, maintenance and home improvement services for tenants, Mears has again raised the bar with TPAS commending the company for a range of excellent initiatives including:

  • Home Skills Workshops - free 'Your do it Yourself Repairs' sessions
  • A regional, annual tenant conference programme
  • Tenant Participation Project template.

"Mears is, without doubt, an exemplar in its field and a beacon of best practice," explains Michelle Reid, Chief Executive of TPAS. "The evidence submitted demonstrates that the Mears staff are consciously committed to ensuring tenants are at the heart of all they do. While many claim this, Mears has constantly proven it."Bob Holt, CEO of Mears praised his team for their work and commitment: "Our approach to client and tenant engagement is not revolutionary but interestingly it is an approach that many competitors try to revolutionise. Open, honest and transparent communication is key to our success and to developing longstanding relationships with our clients and tenants. To be recognised for this, and the initiatives we have put in place to aid it, is a true testament to the continuous hard work of the team."In addition to ensuring delivery of repairs services, Mears was praised by clients during the assessment for the work its team carries out in the communities the company serves. From working with tenants' groups through to offering apprenticeships and helping clients develop and deliver their community initiatives, the company is much more than a 'jobbing contractor'."We are thrilled to be awarded the TPAS Contractor Accreditation for the second time," continues Angela Burnett, Head of Customer Care for Mears. "At Mears our tenants are at the heart of our business and we continually look for ways to improve our performance. To be rewarded for our achievements and recognised for the work we do putting our tenants first is great news."


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