Services for Leaseholders

As part of our partnership with Tower Hamlets we are making available services to Tower Hamlets Leaseholders previously only provided directly to tenants.  Initially these services are focused on Gas, but may grow as we understand your requirements.  Full details on our offering are below including details on how to contact us to arrange a service.

Gas Servicing for Home Owners – Annual service only – £60 (subject to T&C)

The Service includes:

  • a survey of the property’s gas boiler and all other gas ‘space heaters’ undertaken by competent personnel;
  • gas servicing of the property’s gas boiler and all other gas ‘space heaters’. This service will be carried out to the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • upon completion of the Service, the Supplier will issue the resident with a ‘Gas Safety Record’. This record will list all the gas appliances contained within the property. However, only the boiler and all other gas ‘space heaters’ will be serviced. Other listed appliances will receive a visual check only e.g. gas cooker.

If the Supplier concludes that remedial work is required to return the boiler to a serviceable condition, and if we are able to carry out the works, the Customer will be supplied with a copy of the survey’s findings detailing all the works required together with a breakdown of costs. The cost of any remedial works will be in addition to the servicing fee.

You do not have to use the Supplier to do any remedial works. However, the Supplier will not be able to issue the Customer with a gas safety certificate if the Customer choose to use a different contractor. If the Customer then require the Supplier to issue the Customer with a gas safety certificate once the remedial works have been done then the Customer will have to reapply for the service.

During this visit the Supplier will service the appliance(s) covered by the Customer’s Contract and supply the Customer with a ‘Gas Safety Record’ (also known as a “Landlords Gas Safety Certificate).

Agreement Exclusions

This agreement provides for one service carried out to the manufacturer’s instructions for the central heating boiler and all other gas ‘space heaters’ located within the property. It does not cover:

  • servicing to other gas appliances such as cookers and tumble dryers;
  • the cost of labour and parts for breakdowns, repairs, maintenance etc.;
  • replacing the Customer’s boiler or any other gas space heater;
  • the cost of bringing the heating installation in line with current standards and regulations, such as Building Regulation Part L1, should circumstances arise which would require such action;

General Exclusions

Design or existing faults:

  • The cost of repairs needed because of design faults (unless the contractor is responsible), or faults which existed before the Customer entered into the Contract and which could not be identified during the service using reasonable care and skill.

Third-party or accidental damage:

  • The cost of repairs relating to damage caused by the Customer or someone else.

Consequential loss:

  • Unless the Supplier is responsible for it, loss or damage to property caused by the appliance, boiler or system breaking down (e.g. damage to furniture caused by water leaks).
  • If the Supplier has to dig on the Customer’s property they will fill in any holes and leave the surface level but we will not necessarily replace the original surface or construction. Any redecoration that may be needed following the Supplier’s work is the Customer’s responsibility unless the Supplier has been negligent.