Substitute Accommodation

Welcome to the Substitute Accommodation service, delivered by Mears on behalf of the DIO.

On these pages you'll find your key contacts, depending what you want to speak to us about. You can also call our helpline 24/7 365 days a year to speak to one of our team who will be able to direct your query.


Helpline number: 0800 032 4547

Report a repair:

Discuss a non-repair issue:

Serve us your 40 days’ notice to quit:

Contact our finance team:

Get back to us about a Gas or Electrical inspection:

Contact us about bringing the property up to spec for someone new moving in:

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Covid-19: Measures Mears is taking to protect service users, suppliers, partners and staff

To prevent the transmission of the virus Mears has issued the following instructions, in line with government guidance. We kindly request that service users follow the instructions to prevent transmission at face-to-face appointments including repairs.

Operatives are to only carry out appointments if they or anyone else in their own household are not self-isolating or showing symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) with either a new, continuous cough, a high temperature in the past 10 days or a loss of taste or smell.

At the time of booking an appointment Mears will ask service users whether they or anyone in their current household is isolating. They will ask the same of current occupants for moves into sharing properties. If you have any particular concerns please make your Mears Coordinator aware at the earliest opportunity.

Operatives are to ensure they maintain social distancing by keeping at least 2m away from any persons in the property at all times, or 1m away plus wearing a face covering.

We ask Mears Operatives, contractors and service users to reduce the risk of transmission at appointments by:

  • Washing hands before entering, and where possible on arrival at the property. If handwashing facilities are not accessible, please use hand sanitiser
  • Cleaning & sanitising regularly touched objects and surfaces using your usual cleaning products (for current occupants)
  • Wearing a face covering indoors if 2m social distancing is not possible
  • Ensuring, as far as possible, that homes are well-ventilated
  • Requesting (of current occupants) that all doors and required areas of access are open and kept clear to avoid contact with door handles and any other unnecessary items, fixtures or fittings
  • Advising current occupants to clean down any touched surfaces post-access