Complaints Process

Mears Group are fully committed to ensuring that all our customers receive the best possible service.

Mears Group are fully committed to ensuring that all our customers receive the best possible service.

With this in mind, we welcome all feedback. Whether it be a complaint or a positive comment, we want to hear from you; your feedback helps us to understand you better and to continually improve our service to you

Our Commitment to You

When dealing with complaints, we follow a simple and effective process that has been designed to make you feel confident that your concerns will be; fully investigated, acted upon fairly, resolved in a timely manner and resolved to your satisfaction.

Our Standard

We aim to acknowledge your complaint within two working days of receipt and deliver a mutually agreed outcome within 10 working days of receipt.

If complaints cannot be resolved within 10 days, the complaint will be kept open and you will be proactively informed of progress made until resolution is agreed.

Mears Group will always aim to resolve your complaint however; if you are not satisfied with our response, we will escalate this to a senior colleague for re-investigation and we will provide you with a further update/proposed resolution within five working days.

All Mears complaints are independently audited by TAROE (Tenants and Residents of England). TAROE are a registered charity working on behalf of and for tenants and residents.

If you are still dissatisfied with our response you can contact your local Ombudsman, details can be found on the internet, using the following link

As previously stated, we use monthly insight reports to learn from our complaints and drive improvements to the service we deliver to our customers.

Our Feedback Process

To make a complaint or provide positive feedback, please use one of the contact methods on our Customer Satisfaction page.

To help us to process your contact as quickly as possible, please provide us with:

  • Your name and address
  • Your Landlord, Housing Association or Local Authority
  • A telephone number and e-mail address
  • A clear description of your complaint/positive story

Subject Access Request (SAR)

A Subject Access Request (SAR) is a right provided by the 6th Principle of the Data Protection Act (1998) – it gives people the right to access information a company (known as a Data Controller) holds on them. An individual can only request their own data – they do not have a right to other people’s personal data without their explicit consent.

We all have this right to requesting this information from companies – so you could write to your bank, your supermarket, your doctors, and request this information.

You are entitled to submit a request directly with us by contacting the Customer Success Hub. There is a charge for this service.

Requests will be responded to within 40 calendar days from date of request and you can contact us via any of the communication channels mentioned in this guide.